Intentional Teas + CBD Wellness

Manifest You

The Sacred Practice of Sipping Tea as a Liquid Meditation to Anchor + Align to the Truth of Who We Are. 

For the Creative Soul Seeking Authentic Expression.

Welcome Home to You.

Luxury for the Soul

My name is Caryn Ward Ross. I am the creator of MediTEAtions with Caryn. I am on a mission to create authentic moments of beauty + connection through tea and meditation.

I'm also a Producer/Writer/ Actress. My greatest joy is sharing a cup of tea with my husband, Craig, and our two amazing daughters, Caris + Camryn! As you can see, we are a family of "C's! :-)

At home and in my work, I use my teas as a Liquid Meditation to harness creativity + deep personal transformation.

Luxury is a mindset, a deep feeling of being nurtured. No matter our path in life, we all have the power within to cultivate a sense of well-being, clarity + contribution. My intention is to create a holistic tea experince that delivers just that: luxury for the soul.

With each sip, may you awaken to your highest joy + the deepest callings of your heart.

In Grace + Gratitude,


MediTEAtions with Caryn founder, Caryn Ward Ross having a picnic tea party, consciously connecting with her family; Craig, Caris & Camryn. Also pictured is her mother Cheryl J. Ward, author of Oath of Manifestation

Why MediTEAtions with Caryn?

A Liquid Meditation Experience Logo
A Liquid Meditation Experience

We invite you to join us in experiencing TEA time as a moment of intention and reverence: ManifesTEAing Our Dreams and re-centering on the people and things that are important to our well-being. To support this intention, each tea offers an affirmation to strengthen and nurture those connections. In a very real sense, we are Liquid Meditation in a Cup.

Premium ingredients from as far as Sri Lanka (Ceylon), India and China have been identified and then hand crafted in the USA for MediTEAtions for Caryn.
Premium Ingredients

The best ingredients from as far as Sri Lanka (Ceylon), India, South America and Africa have been identified and then hand crafted in the USA. We use premium whole leaf teas to ensure the finest brew. In this way, we are celebrating the wisdom of the Earth and the increased Wellness that flows from it. Each sip is sophisticated, all-natural and so delicious, delivering premium aromas and taste. Luxury for the Soul.

Enter The Sacred Deliciousness

Are you ManifesTEAing Your Dreams?

A series of rituals and practices I've developed around "sipping MediTEAtions", breath work + journaling. I support powerful creatives in manifesting their deepest desires and authentic life purpose.

Discover more about our Monthly ManifesTEAing + Visioning Circle.

Everything is working out for you.
Love, The Field of Infinite Possibilities.