MediTEAtions with Caryn Herbal Daily Detox Tea: The Personal Power Blend- Manifest You Premium Loose Tea • Brews 32 Cups Net Wt 1.69 oz (48g)

Herbal Daily Detox Tea: The Personal Power Blend- Manifest YOU

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There is a reservoir of power inside of you. Sometimes we need to clear out anything that disturbs our peace of mind. The Daily Detox Personal Power Blend is designed  to gently support that intention. Holy Basil and Rose Hips may help calm feelings of irritability or impatience. Rich Spearmint may help promote relaxation and help keep us in the present moment. Lemon Verbena is a powerful anti-microbial and Linden Blossoms may help fight inflammation, all combining to enlighten the soul.


This unique blend of medicinal herbs and antioxidant rich berries helps naturally strengthen the immune system, can elevate mental clarity and lower stress. A feel good drink that lasts all day. Serve hot or cold. Flavor to your liking. 

AffirmationI am clear and calm. I powerfully meet every circumstance that comes my way. 

Ingredients: Holy Basil (Tulsi) Spearmint, Rose Hips, Lemon Verbena and Linden Blossoms. Caffeine-free.

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